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Welcome to Historical-Hetalia


:star: Hello all fans of history and Hetalia! :star:

This group collects Hetalia fanwork that focuses on history, and informs the fanbase about the greater historical context surrounding our favorite characters.





I. About Informative Notes
II. The Rules
III. Automatic Rejections
IV. The Folders
V. F.A.Q.
VI. How to deal with unpleasant history


About Informative Notes


We believe that notes are the most adequate means for sharing information. That is why we require you to provide in your note a few lines, in your own words, about the event, person, movement, etc. that you are portraying.

In this group, we don't support the ideal of "art speaking for itself". Though, we must admit that there are some few remarkable exceptions (very few exceptions). If you think your art is one of them, feel free to leave your note in blank. Nevertheless, without written information, we have to judge historical content on art alone, and are much more likely to reject pieces. So save yourself the trouble and just write something!

What do you need to write? It depends on your focus (and the folder you are submitting it into), but in general, this is what we are looking in an informative note:

1. Name the event, person, movement, etc. and provide an accurate description of it or the person. The description should give a viewer who has no idea what the event is, a basic knowledge of the event.

2. Explain the impact or effect of the event, person, movement, etc. on history and/or the present + modern society. Or if it's a costume, explain the significance of the costume.

3. Make sure that the information actually links to the artwork or literature your work is referring to.
(For example, if I were to draw a picture of Australia and then stick the lyrics of Advance Australia Fair on it, then give you a detailed analysis of Australian taxation over the past two decades, would that be relevant??)

We don't want a thesis for a note. I mean, it doesn't have to be long, just a brief but concise description of what your work is portraying.



OCs must have relevant historical information in every author's note, and in the case of "regions", a justification of why you think that they are distinct enough from the canon countries to have their own personification.

Shipping: We accept pieces with shipping in them, but it must be a side aspect to the main piece. Shipping is great and wonderful, go out and enjoy it, but the purpose of this group is for historically informative pieces, not to use history to support your favorite relationships. If a piece is a simple shipping piece without going into the history of the pairing or the significance of the relationships, or if it justifies "love" through hate, widespread violence, rape, or war, or other criteria that lead to hatred between nations, then we will not accept it.

Please submit to the correct folder. Otherwise it will be rejected. We want you to pay close attention to the type of historical information your deviation is providing. Besides, it will save us the pain of moving deviations around. Just put it in the right folder and it'll make everyone's life easier.

We do not accept WIPs nor Project Announcements
We love to see the process of your work, and we sure are glad to hear that you will be working on a historical Hetalia project, but we prefer to have the final piece of art in our galleries.

We do not accept alternative history pieces, recent events art, or speculative fiction/future stories.
An event must be at least 10 years old for us to accept it as historical.

We do not accept pieces with art not made by the original artist. This includes traced bases, photo backgrounds, and fanfic plagiarism. Exception for photograph backgrounds: If the photo is a stock photo, or a photo that the artist took themselves, it is welcome. Stock photos need a link back to the source, however.

If at all possible, when using a photo reference please link to the the source of the photo. This is particularly important for historic uniforms.



We will automatically reject any fanwork that doesn't reflect the artist's research and understanding on the topic their art is focusing on. Our rejections are mostly based on the artist's note, so make sure that the note on the fanwork you are planning to submit DOES NOT have the following characteristics:

1. Tells the audience to look up the information for themselves

2. Only provide an external link (e.g. Wikipedia), and tells the audience to "check the link for more information".

Important: if you provide an external link just to complement your research and prove the reliability of the information you already provided in your own words, then we will accept it. What we do not accept is art that relies only on a wikipedia link as a free ticket to enter the group.

3. Copy-pasted information.

4. Not enough information: We felt your work and/or note poorly reflected actual research.

We will also automatically reject this type of fanwork:

1. Art unrelated to Hetalia: This might sound ridiculous and not worth mentioning, but we have indeed received art related to history, but not to Hetalia... So please, stick to the series.

Let's be realistic: the anime and the manga do not provide much historical information, and sometimes reenacts some events with doubtful accuracy. THAT'S WHY THIS GROUP EXISTS! This is a group for artists to explain the historical facts that Hetalia doesn't fully explain, or doesn't explain at all!

3.Tribute pieces to disaster and tragedy:
These will be automatically rejected as not being historically informative and often in bad taste. There have been several journals about this topic. The first of these was written in quite a bit of anger, but the basic reasoning behind why tribute pieces are unacceptable is this: This group is about historically informative fan work. A tribute piece does not inform people about the history, and invites the audience to gawk at human despair.

:target:If you believe your art has been mistakenly rejected, please ASK RIGHT AWAY! We tend to not give explanations of our decisions since we expect you to read the rules and realize what you did wrong (besides occasionally being too lazy, busy, or tired to explain). Yet, if you feel like the rules don't give you an explanation on what's wrong with your deviation, you have all the right to demand for one! Don't hesitate to ask!



:brownbead: by Angi-Shy Featured
Saved for monthly features and / or contest winners. Members sadly can't submit any deviation to this folder... but we definitely encourage you to improve your skills so one day you find one of your works here!

:orangebead: by Angi-Shy Biographies
For illustrations of important humans and accompanying biographies. It is always nice to have links to the picture references that an artist used.

:brownbead: by Angi-Shy Events
For illustrations which depict historical events. A deviation here should depict the event realistically OR interpret the event with an explanation of the interpretation in the artist's comment. We do want to see evidence of historical research.

:orangebead: by Angi-Shy Clothing and Costuming
For illustrations of canon or non-canon characters pictured in accurate or modified versions of historical clothing. We care about accuracy and details in the art, links to references encouraged. Do not submit cosplay here.

:brownbead: by Angi-Shy Society and Culture
For all deviations that capture the general feeling of a period, or focus on particular policies, historical trends, or things of that nature.

:orangebead: by Angi-Shy Original Characters
A folder for all fan created characters. Relevant historical information with each piece required.

:brownbead: by Angi-Shy Fan Writings
Fan fiction and written homage to the Hetalia fandom belong here.

:orangebead: by Angi-Shy Cosplay
For ALL Pictures of fans in their historically accurate Hetalian grab. Please only submit things that are historically relevant. For example, Pirate England, Conquistador Spain, Imperial or Soviet Russia, etc. Author's notes encouraged.

:brownbead: by Angi-Shy Comics
Everything that tells history through the medium of panels, text and art belong in here.

:target: If your deviation is well-researched and cultural, but not exactly historical, you can always submit it to our sister group Cultural-Hetalia.

:target: Also, if you aren't certain on which folder suits your deviation the best, don't hesitate to ask us. Send us a private message or post a comment on the group with a link to your deviation, and we'll help as much as we can.



:DAbullet: by Angi-ShyWhy has my piece been rejected?
Probably because we felt that it was too shippy, which is the rule most ignored by submissions. However, it might be that you submitted during a time when the admins weren't able to moderate it. Many of our mods are full time students, and around finals and midsems, we don't check dA as often as need be to have a full vote on all of the pieces. Fanfic in particular takes a long time to decide upon.

Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! by Drache-LehreWhy can't I submit a piece?
We have a submission cap of 10 pieces per week from each person. If you are more productive than that during the average week, congratulations, but please don't submit everything at once.

:DAbullet: by Angi-ShyCan you affiliate with [AHetaliaGroup]?
Affiliation with fellow deviantArt groups is always open. Please send your request directly to the group.

Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! by Drache-LehreAre you affiliated with [aTumblr/zerochan/photobucket] account? I saw my art on there, and they linked to you.
There is a huge problem with art theft all over the internet as we all unfortunately know. A lot of fanwork is being taken from dA and posted without the consent or knowledge of the original artist on sites like zerochan and Tumblr. We've recently found out that at least two Hetalia Fanart Tumblrs have linked back to our group, and probably have been getting fanart to post by browsing through our gallery. We have no way to stop them without making the group private (something we're not entirely certain how to do). We don't approve of it, but we're really not certain how to solve the problem. Any information on how to stop it would be greatly appreciated.

:DAbullet: by Angi-ShyWhy did it take you so long to do [whatever thing] that could have improved the group?
Because the Admins run around in a petty democratic bureaucracy, and we don't make changes until there has been a majority decision to change things. We do propose changes and discuss them, but we also wait until most everyone agrees. Also, the power to do a lot of the structural changes that we've been doing falls entirely on one account, so even after a decision is made, that one person has to get online, and put the changes into effect.


How to deal with unpleasant history:

We assume that the art in our galleries was made with the intention of discussing history, even the disgusting aspects like colonalism, rascism, sexism, etc. There are depictions of Nazis in our gallery. We do not want to glorify these things. We ask that comments on these deviations are respectful, rather than angry, but we also want the art in our galleries to be respectful of the various horrible things that humanity has done.

If a deviation in our gallery crosses the line between respect and disturbing, please contact the mods about it via group note.


Thank you for reading everything till the end! We are constantly looking for ways to make this group a nice place to be around, full of art where you can always learn something new.

Feel free to give us some feedback about the way we are managing the group, as long as its with the purpose of improving!

Let's all show the world that us artists can make Hetalia a cool way to learn history! So open that old and dusty history book, get your materials ready, and START MAKING ART!

Your Staff,


(Taken from blog posts and admin forum posts made by CrimsonLayers, Ashewalton, Unworldly-Battue, Rikussandow, Mangaka9 and compiled by MorriganFearn, Zitenshi, and ChromaticSkies. Decorated by Zitenshi)

Last edit: September the 27th, 2014 by Zitenshi

History nerds and Hetalians

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Allies on the battlefield!


Newest Members

I apologize for the delay regarding this, it's unfair to the winners especially. So to note, we did not have many entrees that were in the visual medium. But that's fine, we as a group are happy that people submitted entries so enlighten us on other aspects of history. We thank you all for making the world a bigger place for everyone.

Let us state the first and second place winners of this contest.

In 1st Place
Silent Night by 11monar….
We felt that this deviation took first place not only just for the colourful art style, but for the interesting historical information that was provided. Personally I was not aware of Tomten and the folklore and his importance to the history of Santa Claus as we know him today.

11monar your reward as promised is a full artistic work given to you from  Chromatic Skies>
               Your artwork featured in the main page for a month or until the next contest comes about.
               A free commission from Sildesalaten >
               A donation of 1000 points from me to you.

2nd place
Robin Hood and Chibi Britain by enigmaplatypus…
We are all familiar with the story of Robin Hood, but for those not familiar with the folk hero this deviation is kind enough to give anyone interested in the folk heroes of England a good starting point for them to learn.

Your reward is An honourable 2nd place mention as well as 500 points from me and a small drawing from Chromatic and Sildesalaten and skies as well.
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Gallery Folders

Fan Writings


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Akura-Ega-Shiro Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2016
If the event happen in2014, does it count as Historical event?
Sildesalaten Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016  Student General Artist
In the group rules, it states that: An event must be at least 10 years old for us to accept it as historical.
Akura-Ega-Shiro Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016
Oh. Thank you for telling me this.
UrufuShinigami Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Hey there Historical Hetalia Team! This is Sarah again, inquiring about one of my pieces. I recently did a drawing on the African Aids epidemic and it was declined by this group. I wondered why this had happened and if there was anything I could change to have it accepted. If my notes are lacking or too partisan for this group, I understand. It would simply be nice to know why. 
Sildesalaten Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2016  Student General Artist
From the description it seems the artwork largely focuses on a contemporary issue, not a historical one. This is my main reason for voting against it, I can't tell for sure what the other moderators thought. You write a lot about the issue that AIDS is, and urge people to try to help. However, this is a historical Hetalia group, and all artworks in the gallery have to be historically related. 

Sorry for not clarifying why we didn't accept your drawing earlier. 
UrufuShinigami Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Ah, AIDs does have a history along with violence against women being a historical pattern throughout the entirety of the human race, but I guess I should have put that in the description. I'll think of that before I submit another piece to this group! Thanks again for clarifying. I appreciate it!
sasukeisiggy Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015
I have a rather big problem that I'm sure other people have gotten before. I frequently get "People Died Guilt". Recently I drew a bookmark for my Two Cities book of France catching blood in a wine glass, but the entire time I felt a little like I was being disrespectful towards the Revolution victums, even though I knew I wasn't. Historical Hetalia is one of my favorite parts of the fandom, and if there was someone that could give me suggestions on how I could enjoy it while still feeling like I'm respecting real history that would be very helpful. Also, this is an awesome group. Thanks a bunch for making it.
hetaliadutch Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not really sure what tips I could give you to enjoy it or how to get rid of the 'people died guilt', but I think you respect it by doing some good research on the events and portraying them as historically accurate as you can. It's awful people died, but it did happen and it's part of history. People should know about it. That's what this group is about.
UrufuShinigami Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hey there! I hate to bother you again but I'd rather ask before i submit. I've got this piece here that's drawn in present times, but it's of something that has historical significance? If like last time you want more under the explanation I'll fix that, but I just don't know if it's allowed.
Sildesalaten Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015  Student General Artist
I think it might be accepted if it had a bit more historical info. A couple of relevant concrete facts would probably help, as the information that is there is somewhat vague and general.
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