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Welcome to Historical-Hetalia


:star: Hello all fans of history and Hetalia! :star:

This is the place where talented artists and fans gather to show the world their Hetalia fanart with a historical focus.

Our mission is to spread love for history and inform the fanbase about the greater historical context surrounding our favorite Hetalia characters through quality ART!

Our vision is to become the best and biggest Hetalia group with a historical focus in deviantART.



If, after reading our submission rules, you still have questions, please ask via COMMENTS.

Please DO NOT send a private message to the group. Us admins never check that area, so any message sent there it will most likely be forgotten.

Last : January the 21st, 2017 by Zitenshi



I. About Informative Notes
II. Submission Rules
III. Automatic Rejections
IV. The Folders
V. How to deal with unpleasant history


About Informative Notes


We believe that Notes are the most adequate means for sharing information in deviantART. That is why we require you to provide in your work's note a few lines, in your own words, about the event, person, movement, etc. that you are portraying.

In case the work doesn't include a historically informative note, we have to judge the historical content on the art alone, which are more likely to reject pieces.

We MAY accept your work without an informative note AS LONG AS the art itself is historically accurate and it's of EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY, and that will be determined by the admins who review the submissions of this group. For examples of "exceptional works" please refer to some of the works we put in the Featured folder.

If you aren't certain if your work is "exceptional", we suggest you simply add some historical information in your note. As the saying goes, it's better more than less.

Don't worry! We don't want a essay for a note. In other words, it doesn't have to be long. Just a brief but concise description of what your work is portraying.



We accept works that:

Are submitted in the right folder Otherwise it will be rejected. Please refer to the list of folders above to know where to submit your work.

Portray an event that happend at least 10 years ago. That's the minimum we require to consider it "historical". Therefore, any event that took place in 2007 CAN BE ACCEPTED. Any event younger than that will be rejected.

Feature OCs, as long as it has relevant historical information. In the case of "regions", we require you to write a justification of why you think that they are distinct enough from the canon countries to have their own personification.

Have shipping in them, AS LONG AS the ship is historically justified. However, if it justifies "love" through hate, widespread violence, rape, or war, or other criteria that lead to hatred between nations, then we will not accept it.

Are inspired or are a reinterpetation of a historical painting. We have a few great examples like this reinterpretation of Italia and Germania as well as this and this drawings inspired in Guernica.

We do NOT accept the following:

Alternative history pieces, recent events art, or speculative fiction/future stories.

WIPs nor Project Announcements

Pieces with art not made by the original artist. This includes traced bases, photo backgrounds, and basicly, plagiarism. Exception for photograph backgrounds: If the photo is a stock photo, or a photo that the artist took themselves, it is welcome. Stock photos need a link back to the source, however.

Pieces solely based on the Hetalia anime/manga. (Pay special attention if you were planning to submit in the Costumes or Cosplay folders). Hetalia might aid you to remember important events or spark an interest in you to pay more attention in history class (or even inspire you to create a dA group about history and Hetalia cofcof), but remember that Hetalia will never be a substitute to an actual history book.

Tribute pieces to disaster and tragedy:
This group is about historically informative fan work. A tribute piece does not inform people about the history, and instead invites the audience to gawk at human despair. Please refer to this journal entry and this other journal entry to know more about this topic.



We will automatically reject any fanwork that doesn't reflect the artist's research and understanding on the topic their art is focusing on. Our rejections are mostly based on the artist's note, so make sure that the note on the fanwork you are planning to submit DOES NOT have the following characteristics:

Doesn't have enough information: We will reject your work if we consider your work and/or note poorly reflected actual research.

Tells the audience to look up the information for themselves

Only provide an external link (e.g. Wikipedia), and tells the audience to "check the link for more information".

Important: if you provide an external link just to complement your research and prove the reliability of the information you already provided in your own words, then we will accept it. What we do not accept is art that relies only on a wikipedia link as a free ticket to enter the group.

Copy-pasted information.

:new: Has poor photo quality (traditional drawings)
Please do not confuse with drawing quality. This group accepts works regardless of artistic skill, as long as it's historical. The least we ask for is that the drawing is in presentable photo conditions. I'd be BEST if you have a scanner, but in case you don't have one, please take the picture of your drawing in a well lit area and crop out unnecessary parts.

:target: If you believe that, after reading the rules, your art has been mistakenly rejected, please ASK VIA COMMENTS! We normally don't explain (because we are busy with life, we forget, or we are lazy) but we understand that you deserve a proper explanation, so don't be afraid and just ask!



:brownbead: by Angi-Shy Featured
Saved for exceptional works and contest winners. Members sadly can't submit any deviation to this folder... but we definitely encourage you to improve your skills so one day you find one of your works here!

:orangebead: by Angi-Shy Biographies
For illustrations of important humans and accompanying biographies. It is always nice to have links to the picture references that an artist used.

:brownbead: by Angi-Shy Events
For illustrations which depict historical events. A deviation here should depict the event realistically OR interpret the event with an explanation of the interpretation in the artist's comment. We do want to see evidence of historical research.

:orangebead: by Angi-Shy Clothing and Costuming
For illustrations of canon or non-canon characters pictured in accurate or modified versions of historical clothing. We care about accuracy and details in the art, links to references encouraged. Do not submit cosplay here.

:brownbead: by Angi-Shy Society and Culture
For all deviations that capture the general feeling of a period, or focus on particular policies, historical trends, or things of that nature.

:orangebead: by Angi-Shy Original Characters
A folder for all fan created characters. Relevant historical information with each piece required.

:brownbead: by Angi-Shy Fan Writings
Fan fiction and written homage to the Hetalia fandom belong here.

:orangebead: by Angi-Shy Cosplay
For ALL Pictures of fans in their historically accurate Hetalian grab. Please only submit things that are historically relevant. For example, Pirate England, Conquistador Spain, Imperial or Soviet Russia, etc. Author's notes encouraged.

:brownbead: by Angi-Shy Comics
Everything that tells history through the medium of panels, text and art belong in here.

:target: If your deviation is well-researched and cultural, but not exactly historical, you can always submit it to our sister group Cultural-Hetalia.

:target: Also, if you aren't certain on which folder suits your deviation the best, don't hesitate to ask us. Post a COMMENT on the group with a link to your deviation, and we'll help as much as we can.


How to deal with unpleasant history:

We assume that the art in our galleries was made with the intention of discussing history, even the disgusting aspects like colonialism, racism, sexism, etc. There are depictions of Nazis in our gallery. We do not want to glorify these things. We ask that comments on these deviations are respectful, rather than angry, but we also want the art in our galleries to be respectful of the various horrible things that humanity has done.

If a deviation in our gallery crosses the line between respect and disturbing, please contact the mods about it via COMMENTS.


Thank you for reading everything till the end! We are constantly looking for ways to make this group a nice place to be around, full of art where you can always learn something new.

Feel free to give us some feedback about the way we are managing the group, as long as its with the purpose of improving!

Let's all show the world that us artists can make Hetalia a cool way to learn history! So open that old and dusty history book, get your materials ready, and START MAKING ART!

Your Staff,


(Taken from blog posts and admin forum posts made by CrimsonLayers, Ashewalton, Unworldly-Battue, Rikussandow, Mangaka9 and compiled by MorriganFearn, Zitenshi, and ChromaticSkies. Decorated by Zitenshi)

History nerds and Hetalians

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Allies on the battlefield!


Newest Members

Hello all historical hetalia fans!
It's been a while since you last heard from us, since this group hasn't been overly active lately. However, we are by no means dead!

Us admins here at Historical-Hetalia had an idea for a "Secret easter" event - like a Secret Santa, just during a different season. Because art exchanges can be fun to do during other parts of the year as well :D. We would like to know weather you like this idea or not. If enough people show interest, we'll go ahead with it. So please comment on this journal :D

What do you think? Would you be interested in participating in the "Secret easter exchange"?

Thank you very much, and good luck with the rest of 2017!
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Gallery Folders

my undefiled by starstray
[APH] fem! Russia in the 19th century by TanyaAndreeva
APH: Musica by MoonyL00ny
APH: Guernica by MoonyL00ny
Hetalia Scene: Belarus by Architect-Gillesania
APH_America and Lincoln by LordCavendish
:APH: The duchy that wanted to be an empire by galaatear
El encuentro/The meeting comic (2/?) by Horselandiceage
APH: 15 Junio 1977 by Lady-Laryssa
APH: Victory Day by Lady-Laryssa
Let noble wrath boil over like a wave! by HerrPotsdam
American Tory: Issue #1 by tomato-bird
Clothing and Costuming
Greetings from the 20s by DolphinsKiss
[APH] fem! Russia in the 19th century by TanyaAndreeva
APH-Deutsches Reich (Art Trade) by C-E-Smith
Call for Backup by Fandomfan64
Society and Culture
India Gandhi by EmilyDragneel
Sturm und Drang by Caelania
Imperium Romanum et filii sui by Caelania
Dia de los muertos, Mex-kun style! by Zitenshi
Original Characters
GotW: 1914 by Lady-Laryssa
Futa-jallon by Ikechi1
APH Greenland OC by theawesomelights
Fan Writings
Cosplay: Gilbert Beilschmidt/Prussia - Hetalia 2 by xGeschwatzX
Cosplay: Gilbert Beilschmidt/Prussia - Hetalia 1 by xGeschwatzX
Hetalia: Traditional Ukraine cosplay by Bakeneko14
APH Norway russ cosplay by Bakeneko14
Industrial Revolution Contest 2011
Industrial Revolution by hetaliasse
The Industrial Revolution by DianaJones
APH: The Boxer by Flying-Glove
The future - Industrialisation by Mia-Mann

Mature Content

The Flight Of Valkyrie [pg. 1] by Fandomfan64
Absolute Rulers Contest 2011
Descend by axolotl-pond


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